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Who We Are

National GET was founded in 2022 by Jamie & Natalie Crosher to provide the Mining and Civil industries with superior products offering ease of fitment, reduced manual handling risk, reduced cost per hour and outstanding value for money.

Jamie has 15 year’s experience in the local mining industry running machine rebuilds, developing reliability programs and maintenance planning for a 12mtpa mine. During this time, he gained extensive frontline experience, determining what fitters want in a kit and management wants in a product. Being ambitious and driven, he is not comfortable with settling for second best and is always looking for an opportunity to improve.

Our Commitments

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Code of Ethics

  • Provide products of exceptional quality that have been rigorously tested in the field.
  •  Ensure all products are produced with utmost attention to risk management for both us and our valued customers.
  • Always behave responsibly and ethically.
  •  Keep our customers informed to assist them in making the best decisions for their business.
  • Understand our customers needs and expectations.

Continuous Improvement

  • Encourage feedback from our customers. Act on this feedback and inform them of the result.
  • Embrace emerging technologies to ensure our products remain at the forefront.
  • Provide a high standard of training for our staff so they can service our customers effectively.
  • Seek new ways to improve the value of our products and ensure this value can be quantified by the customer.

Risk Management & Improvements

National GET has looked at all aspects of GET life cycle from production all the way through to removal when expired.  We have found several areas for improvement which not only reduce the risk of injury associated with fitment, but have significantly reduced machine downtime, reduced workshop loading & reduced cost per hour.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protected without painting. Provides significant reduction in manual handling with fitment time reduced by 30-40 minutes.

Hardware Container Weight Reduction

National GET hardware containers were chosen to limit the overall weight when full to 15kg or less. This has resulted in a major reduction in the risk of strains, sprains & back injury. A traditional 20L bucket can weigh up to 35kg when filled with the required hardware.

Torque Specifications

GET torque specifications for each specific kit are printed on the hardware container again reducing fitment time. Loose GET can DOUBLE the chance of injury as parts must be completely removed, cleaned and refitted.

Re-Torque Tags for Graders and Loaders

National GET has extensively tested the 12hr re-torque method with 100% success. This has also significantly reduced the risks associated with Loose GET rework with modern battery powered torque tooling enabling this to be completed in the field.

Loctite 243 Included with Dozer Kits

Testing has shown that applying the Loctite 243 on fitment, torquing all mount hardware, then a second retorque before the Loctite sets is 100% effective against rework associated with loose GET on tracked equipment.

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